Zum Kiss - Peppermint

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A good kiss is pure bliss, that's what we always say! And why not make sure every smooch is a chart-topper? With the Zum Kiss Peppermint Shea Butter Lip Balm, your kissers will be besos-ready with a single swipe. Certified organic oils and beeswax make the perfect base for this natural lip balm, while the peppermint essential oil helps invigorate with every application.

Zum Kiss sticks drench your lips with a combined effort of certified-organic shea butter, certified-organic sunflower oil, and certified-organic beeswax. Smooth and supple, your lips are ready to pucker up for a peck. These ingredients moisturize deeply with the help of vitamin E and other nutrients, working hard to attack painful cracks and dryness. And with none of the bad stuff that usually comes baked into your regular balms and sticks, you can count on this stuff for a pure lip-boosting experience!

  • Essential oils & Plant-based ingredients